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Christine G. :

Thyroid Eye Disease and Advocacy

March 20, 2024
2 min read
I am the Executive Director + CEO of the TED Community Organization, a 501c3 for all those affected by thyroid eye disease. I am very fit, healthy and highly energetic with a passion for my husband and Siamese, Sweet Pea. I also own a website design & photography agency since 1998. I am currently in remission for both Grave’s Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), and keep a very healthy lifestyle to prevent them from reigniting! I am new to the patient advocacy space, but I can see how important patient advocacy is and I want to learn as much as possible so that I can best help the TED Community, where I have the primary leadership role.
~Christine G.~
Find out from real patients what life with chronic disease feels like. The invisible pain, the insurance battles, and the hidden full-time job “being sick” entails, can feel like too much at times, and it is a weight you shouldn’t have to carry alone. It is so important that patients with rare and chronic diseases are heard. Follow patient stories detailing life with lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroiditis, Chron’s, RA, and other chronic and rare diseases.  Are you an infusion patient that wants to help shed light on the chronic disease journey? Reach out to the Infusion Access Foundation team so we can hear your story and help you find the right pathway for you to be really heard.  Infusion Access Foundation (IAF) is a community of patients united to protect access to treatments that you get at a clinic, such as infusions and injections. We support each other across all diseases and advocate with one voice that reaches policy makers.

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